Peter Fasi was born in Detroit, Michigan, and raised on the island of Malta, along with his brother. He moved to Detroit, Michigan with his family when he was thirteen years old, where his father had worked years earlier as a tool and die maker.

He attended Wayne State University in Detroit, where he met and married his wife, with whom he now lives in Miami, FL., with their three children. She is his greatest fan and most helpful critic.

After several years working as a freelance photographer, Peter decided to pursue a career in the corporate world as a software developer and spend more time raising his family.

Some years ago, Peter began the practice of doing small paintings and posting them on his blog. Each of these small paintings is for sale or auction through his online galleries. Peter divides his time between painting in and out of the studio, typically landscapes and still lifes, but also occasionally does figurative work and portraits.

Artist Statement

I create artwork from scenes that capture my imagination. I work in a variety of genres and I am excited by each one. I have a passion, an addiction, if you will. Art is not something that I have a choice about. It is something I must do. Even if no one were ever to see the work, I would be painting anyway. Yes, art should be a dialogue and there should be an audience, but if I were stranded on a fabled desert island, I would find a way to draw pictures in the sand. I have been creating artwork most of my life, though not on a consistent basis. I came back to art after I took a painting workshop about fifteen years ago, and have been at it ever since, loving every minute of it.

Thank you for looking.